Saturday, February 21, 2009

Sarvam - Music Review

Good music is created only when there is interest and enthusiasm in the creator and able support and guidance for him. In short, you need a good team, which can bring out the best in an induvidual. Yuvan shnakar Raja is a composer who needs all these, and when he gets them, you can prepare yourself for some good music listening experience.

Saroja happened few months ago, and that was the last good album from Yuvan. After a few unconvincing albums, he is back with the dream team - Vishnuvardhan and Arya. 'Think Music' presents the music of Sarvam, an Ayangaran release, and lets check out what the album offers.

1. Theme music

Starting off with a humorous and romantic tone , it manages to keep us interested for a while befor it slips into serious mode. The composer has borrowed his own tune from Billa and tried to create a racy tune according to the mood of the film. A good piece that can kindle your interest to see the film, even more.

2. Siragugal - Javed Ali, Madhusree

From the very begenning of the song it reminds you of Rahman's "Guzarish", and what makes that more convincing is the same voice(Javed Ali) for both songs. Nevertheless it is a treat for the melody buffs, with Madhusree's sweet voice matching the mood perfectly. Had only Javed's tamil pronounciation been a bit better, the song would have been one among Yuvan's best melodies.

3. Neethane - Yuvan shankar Raja

The song starts with an interrupted signal like sound, and sette down witha rythmic guitar interlude. A typical Yuvan number, with his signature all over it, sagging at no point. Yuvan manages to keep the tempo of the song at the right place where you can feel the melody and the rythm. This is my pick of the album.

4. Sutta suriyana - Vijay Yesudas

Vijay has become a regular in Yuvan's albums, as his father was in Illayaraja's. The tune is nothing new in this one and the beats also reminds us of 'Kappal eri poyaachu' from 'Indian'. But midway through you are introduced to the 'Megam karukuthu' piece and then the same tune is used in a flute, which makes the song an above ordinary fare.

5. Kaatukulle - Yuvan shankar Raja

This could have easily been the song of the album, if it was not for Yuvan's inablity to raise the tempo to the levels that the song required. This was again a trademark song from the composer, starting of with sound of water droplets and Yuvan's voice rising from the it. The choice of instruments is commendable and the sound engineer can take a bow for putting them beautifully in place. Nevertheless, it has all ingridients for a chartbuster.

6. Adada - Illayaraja

When was the last time you saw Illayaraja playing a rockstar?? He is back in that avatar, with this rollicking song, signalling that he can still create magic. Only he coud have managed to make an impact in a song dominated by loud BGm, wierd flute interludes and husky english lyrics in feminine voices. He has had a blast, and this song is set to burn the dance flores.

Overall, a good album from Yuvan aftera long time, and has made quite a few adjustments and tried to come out of the usual tunes without missing his punch

Rating: 3 1/2


Giri said...

dei.. i too am hearing the songs a lot da.. neethane is also my pick.. but seeing u r review and my opinions, theres nothing so great to speak out of this album , u can say another pattiyal, saroja or any ohter simbu yuvan combo style songs well made.. but nothing unique.. anyways good review...

JSTHEONE said...

You review says u got deep into album da... ilayaraja number s awesome da...

Sure vishnu gonna rock with yuvan and provide perfect picturisation for this songs wit help of nirav...

Yuvan rocks...

U missed out Siva manasula sakthi (SMS) Yuvan rocked after Saroja... jus wanna remind u ....

Gud post once again

Ashok said...

machi.. will try to listen to this songs.. It would be great if u would ve uploaded the song in the blog with some video clips..